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Anonymous asked: Hey girl! just wanted to say im so glad that i found your youtube channel! seriously, don't stop making youtube videos, ur fashion sense is sooo chic and sexy lol ;] my question to you is, how do u manage to budget your savings? I like stores like zara, h&m, topshop, etc and i know they can be kind of expensive! and i'm always on the sites like oooh thats pretty, i want ! lol so i'm wondering how do u manage to budget what u buy? thanks xoxo

Thank you! <3 Awesome question.  The thing about those websites is almost always the item you want will go on sale! Also my biggest way to save money is to invest in key pieces like black skinny jeans, a leather jacket, ect. and for the trendy items never splurge.  Next season you will hate that you wasted your money on something “trendy.”  So for example save for the expensive Topshop leather jacket but buy your floral kimono from H&M.  Another tip is to make sure you’re not wasting money on the name of what your are buying.  A crop at F21 will be about $2.50 and $16.50 on Asos or Topshop.  My last tip is to search online on for the item you’re looking for.  It searches the web for you and finds whatever you’re looking for on thousands of websites.  You can narrow your search by adjusting the price range, color ect.  Oh and is my best friend.. it finds coupon codes to use on websites, before you purchase anything online check them first to look for a coupon code. Hope all this helps and happy shopping! =)